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Alliance 2018 Workshops - click here for link
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REIKI SHARE REJUVENATION, Monthly 3rd Saturdays, July 21, August 18, 9 am – 12 noon
Edie Jemiola, RMT - Ready to Refresh, Reconnect, and Rejuvenate Your Reiki? This Reiki Share is a great opportunity designed to support Reiki practitioners at all levels: those who are just starting out, to those who haven't practiced in awhile but would like to start using their Reiki energy again. Whatever level you have been attuned to, this Share/Rejuvenation is dedicated to refreshing and reconnecting you with your Reiki energy, and enjoying self and group healings. We can take turns on the table - giving and receiving! No matter how long it has been since your last Reiki class, this session will have you rejuvenating in the Reiki energy and light! Edie will open and close with a sound healing blessing using Crystal bowls! Tables are welcome! Fee: $20. .Call Edie in advance to register:860-933-8145.
MORNING TAI CHI, Ongoing 4 Week Cycle, Tuesdays, starting July 24, 9:00-10:15 am
George Hoffman - Discover the secret of how this ancient Chinese exercise system can help you manage stress, reduce blood pressure, decrease pain associated with arthritis, improve balance and reduce falls. The gentle movements of this soft flowing meditative exercise system direct the life force, “Chi”, to increase flexibility, provide more efficient breathing and enhance circulation. Its slow motion movement, inner focus, and health benefits make it an ideal, low impact, health enhancing exercise system for people of all ages. This is a mixed levels class. Fee: $36; $32, age 65+. Register with George: 860-742-5892.

SOUND MEDITATION with Tibetan Bowls, Drums & Toning Thursday, July 26, August 23 7:15-8:45 pm
Lisa Burch, LCSW & Becky Coates, LMT - Wind down with a unique blend of guided imagery and sound healing with the Tibetan singing bowls and tingshas, Himalayan sacred sound instruments. Reiki, drumming, vocal toning and a crystal pyramid will also be included. Build your ability to experience the present moment more fully, clearing your chakras and releasing what no longer serves you. Bring a mat, pillow and blanket if you wish to lie down. Chairs will also be available. Prepare to enter a zone of deep relaxation. Fee: $20. Register in advance with Lisa: 860-783-5597.

Fire Keepers: Patricia Shannon MS & Marian Vitali DC, RYT - In gratitude for your support and enthusiasm over the past years, Marian and Patricia invite you to celebrate with them the 10th year of Earth & Sky’s expression in the community. The Green Corn Moon symbolizes gratitude for the coming harvest - come to the Sacred Fire with your own deepest intentions, step into sacred time, and celebrate with us. Bring a frame drum if you have one. Rattles available for use.
Suggested Donation: $5 Pre-register with Patricia 860-871-5467 or Marian 860-918-8703.
Also at 199 West Center Street, remember that Ravenwood Holistic Wellness Center also hosts a Drum Circle with Craig Norton on the 4th Friday of the month at 7:00 pm and Kripalu trained MaryAnn Napoletano teaches yoga on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:30-6:45 pm. See for details.


Please register with the workshop facilitator in advance. In this way appropriate materials will be available for all registrants and set up can be arranged to accommodate all interested. The facilitator can also contact you if there are any scheduling changes. Thank you for your assistance with a smooth advance registration process.